Here is a checklist of things to do to ensure you're eligible for Minimum Guarantee for a time slot you've registered for:

  • Don't no show! If you have missed more than 50% of your slot, or if you were not in your zone at all, your slot will be counted as a no-show and you will not be eligible for Minimum Guarantee. Please read more about how the no-show policy affects rewards here.

  • Check-in: Checking in means being connected to the Stuart app in your slot area at some point during the first 15 minutes of that slot. Read more about check-in here.

  • Connection: Be connected for at least 90% of your slot! You are able to be offline for a maximum of 10% of your slot (6 minutes per hour). This does not carry over from one slot to the next!

  • Acceptance and self-cancellations: Don't miss more than 1 invitation by slot! Please note this includes all invitations, even the ones coming from outside your booked area that you should also accept. As of 2 invitations missed, you will not be eligible for Minimum Guarantee. Top tip: turn on auto accept while on slot to make sure you don't miss any invitations! If you cancel an invitation which you have already accepted and you do not have a valid cancellation reason, your CPS/MG will be affected.

  • Zone area: Start in your area and make your way back there after a delivery! If you are on a delivery, you don't have to worry about where you are. When you are finished with the delivery, if it took you outside your zone, you have 1.5x the amount of time you spent on a delivery out of your area to go back to your area, as shown here:

Time on a delivery outside of the zone area = 20 minutes

Time to return to zone area = 30 minutes

Where to see the zone areas in the app? See here.

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