Mandatory equipment

You can use your own equipment, but we will require to see it in person to approve the size. All equipment must be non-branded.

Risks of lacking mandatory equipment on a job, or using branded equipment from other delivery platforms:

  • Losing your delivery rewards for the week
  • Your CPS score will be affected 
  • You may risk losing your place on the platform 


🔹 Blue bicycle pack (thermal, backpack and rack): £70
🔹Stuart branded black roll-top thermal bag: £35
🔹JustEat branded roll-top thermal bag: £5.99
🔹 Moped/car thermal: £27
🔹 Jacket: £35

There is no upfront cost of the Stuart equipment: all items are deducted from your weekly payment in small increments. The weekly charge will never be higher than £35 or 50% of your earnings.

Any deductions are clearly stated at the bottom of your payment statement, and will mention how much is left to pay. Please note that it is 1 item per order, so if you need access to order another item, please reach out to us.

In addition to this, here are a few more recommendations

  • Wear professional clothing: ideally the Stuart jacket, as a jacket from a competitor platform is a big no-no and generally leads to negative client feedback
  • A vehicle in good working condition
  • For bicycles: a puncture repair kit
  • For mopeds: a filled tank (enough petrol for the time you intend to work)
  • Enough battery on your phone! Having an external power bank can be a lifesaver
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