The mandatory equipment is:

Thermal bag with rack and 60L backpack or 60L thermal backpack

Thermal bag & Top box or thermal backpack 

Two thermal bags

You can use your own equipment, but we will require to see it in person to approve the size. All equipment must be non-branded.

Risks of lacking mandatory equipment on a job,
or using branded equipment from other delivery platforms:

  • Losing your delivery rewards for the week
  • Your CPS score will be affected 
  • You may risk losing your place on the platform 

In addition to this, here are a few more recommendations:

  • Wear professional clothing: ideally the Stuart jacket, as a jacket from a competitor platform is a big no-no and generally leads to negative client feedback
  • A vehicle in good working condition
  • For bicycles: a puncture repair kit
  • For mopeds: a filled tank (enough petrol for the time you intend to work)
  • Enough battery on your phone! Having an external power bank can be a lifesaver
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