Returning my equipment

When leaving us, you can recover your equipment deposit by returning all of the Stuart equipment you have.

If you would like to continue working on the Stuart platform and return the equipment, you are able to do so providing your equipment meets the requirements of mandatory equipment which can be found here (What equipment do I need?) You will need to send us clear pictures of your equipment, we may require additional pictures if we feel the images are not sufficient. You can send these to 

Note: phone mounts, helmets, power banks (batteries) and t-shirts/jerseys are yours to keep.

Ensure you insert a note with your return providing your full name, e-mail and address. Please click here to complete the Equipment Returns Form for a deposit refund to be processed.

We also recommend that recorded postage is used as we may need to see this to validate your return. You can return your equipment via post to our warehouse at the following address: 

Unit B2 Parkway
Cranford Lane

The warehouse team will process your return and inform us. Then we will be able to process a deposit refund within 2 weeks of receiving your equipment. 

Please note that Items returned in poor condition will not qualify for a deposit refund. We suggest jackets to be dry cleaned with the receipt attached.

Replacing my equipment

If your equipment such as your thermal bag has seen better days and needs replacing, please send us an email with a picture of the bag, clear description of what the issue is and we will arrange for a new bag. 

Please note replacement equipment is not charged to you, the equipment provided is used equipment which has been approved by our quality team to ensure the equipment is in good condition. Brand new equipment will not be given as replacement equipment.

If you need any further assistance regarding this issue please email directly

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