How can I increase my chances of getting 5-star ratings from clients?

Here are a few tips to ensure a 5-star rating from your clients:

  • Always be professional: come straight to the pick-up to be on time, be polite and smiley and remove your helmet when you enter in a store
  • Have your equipment: Clients expect you to wear the Stuart jacket so they can immediately recognise you. They also require you to bring your thermal bag straight to them if it is a food delivery. When arriving at drop-off you are expected to present the food to the end customer in the thermal bag to preserve the quality of the food. Be sure to keep your thermal bag clean, giving it a wipe with some anti-bacterial products will keep you bag fresh and clean 
  • Communication: if you are late for pick-up or drop-off, clients and end customers will expect you to proactively communicate about it (traffic, etc)
  • Cash: Having cash for your cash orders is helpful to avoid any delays of having to go find an ATM 

We take this client rating very seriously - it is part of the Client Performance Score (CPS) you get every week and therefore will help you to get priority access to Staffomatic slots.

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