Please remember that when you accept a delivery on the app, you are answering a client's urgent need. You have committed to providing your service for this delivery.

On slot, cancelling a delivery you accepted is only possible when:

  • The weight of the package exceeds the limit for your transport type (see limits here)

  • The pick-up distance is above the limits for your transport type (see limits here)

  • The package is too large to fit your transport type and be delivered safely

  • You have had an accident¬†

  • Your vehicle has broken down and you are unable to complete the delivery successfully ¬†

When this happens:

  • Contact support

  • Explain in your first sentence the reason for the cancellation request

  • Send proof of the issue - photos

If the reason is not valid you will be ineligible for Minimum Guarantee for this slot and you will receive "unauthorised courier request" invalidation message the next day.

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