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Per drop fees

Your per drop fee is based on the distance you travelled from pick-up to drop-off.

*We are no longer accepting cars as a transport type in London.

Minimum Guarantee

What is Minimum Guarantee?

Minimum Guarantee (MG) is the minimum hourly rate paid while on-slot. To get MG, you need to meet validation criteria.


£8 hourly


£9 hourly

  • If you earn more than the MG amount during your slot, you keep it all and we do not need to top it up.

  • If there were no deliveries to do while on-slot, we will give you the full MG amount (if you met validation criteria).

  • If you did not meet validation criteria, there will be no extra top-up.

How do we calculate Minimum Guarantee?

We calculate top-up by comparing your earnings while on-slot to the MG rate.

Example explained:

  • You use a motorbike and you have a 2-hour slot. The total MG is £18.

  • Over 2 hours you do 2 deliveries, paid £10.50 in total.

  • You meet all MG criteria and your slot is validated.

  • To reach the MG amount of £18, we add £7.50 to your pay.

Weekly Top-up

This applies to couriers working on-slot. Weekly Top-up is different to Minimum Guarantee.

Each week, we check if your average hourly earnings* on validated slots are lower than the rates below.

Rates from 4 April 2022:





If you earn less than the relevant average rate for each validated slot hour in that week, we will top up your pay.

*We count per drop earnings, Minimum Guarantee and any delivery rewards (if applicable).



Our main reward system is the Multiplier. The Multiplier increases your delivery fees by a certain value (e.g. x1.2). You can check these values in advance and will see them on delivery invitations.

Multiplier rewards are separate to Minimum Guarantee (MG). MG is calculated separately, so you don't lose any MG by earning through the Multiplier.

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Per-slot and per-drop rewards

Per-slot and per-drop rewards are incentives for completing deliveries or slots. We sometimes offer these rewards during high demand.

This reward message will have criteria such as times, zones, clients and Transport Type. To be eligible for the reward, you must fulfil the criteria in the reward message.

These rewards will be paid on top of Minimum Guarantee (if applicable).


If you have to return a package, we pay the per drop rate for distance and Transport Type for both parts of your journey.

If a multiplier is effective during your delivery, you will receive it only on your non-cancelled delivery.

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Cancellation fees may only be applicable for these reasons if validated by support. These are not eligible for multiplier or rewards.

  • If the delivery is cancelled within 2 minutes of you accepting, then there is no payment.

  • If your client has cancelled more than 2 minutes after you’ve accepted the delivery, we will pay a cancellation fee.

  • If the delivery cancelled was a long pick-up and you have reached pick-up, we will also pay a long pick-up reward.



Motorbike or car


Multi-drop deliveries

  • £1 for each extra delivery after the first delivery, on top of your initial payment (base + mileage)

  • A fee for additional travel distance to each drop-off.

  • Last but not least, there are rewards available on top of the total delivery fee.

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Long pick-up rewards

We pay long pick-up (LPU) rewards when the distance between where you accept the invitation and the pick-up location is above the LPU limits below.

We pay a £1.50 reward per delivery. This applies to completed deliveries only.

A reward will be shown on your Payment Statement but will not be displayed in-app.

LPU rewards count towards Minimum Guarantee top-up and are not eligible for the Multiplier.

LPU limits:


1.5 miles


2 miles

Please be aware that LPU limits are different to the maximum pick-up distances:


2 miles


2.5 miles

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