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We're so excited to welcome you to the Stuart Courier Partner Community! Here is a summary of everything you need to know before you hit the road.

On this page:

📲 Get the courier app

You'll need to download the courier app from this page, it's not available on the App Store or Google Play.

Once downloaded, you'll need to authorise the app to work properly on your device.

🤓 Learn to use the courier app

Not sure how the Stuart app works? Have a look through the Help Centre section called 'The Stuart App'.

Why not start with What does a delivery invitation look like? or How to see zone areas in the app?

👕 Equipment

Mandatory equipment and acceptable clothing for completing deliveries can be seen on this page. Ideally, wear the Stuart jacket, as a jacket from a competitor platform generally leads to negative client feedback.

📦 Your first delivery

Ready to head out for your first delivery? Check our current contact-free delivery guidelines before accepting your first package. This explains what is expected at pick-up and drop-off during coronavirus.

💰 Payment

You will get a detailed payment statement every Tuesday (after 3 pm) along with your payment (after 6 pm). Please allow up to 48 hours for payments to arrive in your account.

To see how payments and rewards are calculated for your city or region, see here.

Any questions? Just hit 'Reply' to your payment email and we will be in touch 💸.

🌎 Zones

You can see how to access zone maps here. Our zone maps are designed to position you closer to our clients and help maximise your delivery invitations.

Remember, more deliveries mean you can earn more by hitting your delivery rewards! Choose your favourite zones here to be eligible for Priority Slots.

🏆 Client Performance Score (CPS)

What to know how you are performing on the platform? Easy, check your weekly CPS email. This is how we calculate your CPS

This page includes tips for how to increase your chances of getting 5-star ratings from clients. We take this client rating very seriously - it is part of the Client Performance Score (CPS) you get every week and will help you to get priority access to slots.

📅 Slots

You can choose to go online at any time that suits you or book a slot in advance.

Priority slots

If you achieve a high Client Performance Score (CPS), you may also get priority access to book slots in certain zones. You can learn more about priority slots here.

Minimum Guarantee

Slots are designed to offer an earnings safety net. If you meet the Slot Validation Criteria, you will be eligible for our Minimum Guarantee.

Learn more about the Slot Validation Rules and Minimum Guarantee here.

🚚 Changing Transport Type

If you need to request a change of Transport Type (a different vehicle to the one currently registered to your account), follow the guidance on this page.

👩‍💻 Support

Remember to search through the Help Centre in the app if you have any generic questions before reaching out to support.

If you are on a delivery and need help, you can use the 'Live chat' feature in your app. Please keep in mind that Support sees what you see in the app, so if you need address details you should contact your client or end customer first.

If you are based in London, please come to a Partner Hours session to get some face to face support.

💰 Maximising earning potential

We want you to have a great experience delivering on our platform. You find our top tips for earning more right here.

🎉 Let's get started

There is a lot of interest in becoming a Stuart Courier Partner. Now that you are onboarded, do go ahead and grab your opportunity to start earning and become a part of this fantastic community.

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