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We're so excited to welcome you to the Stuart Courier Partner Community! Here is a summary of everything you need to know before you hit the streets!

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Payment 💰
For an overview of payment structure and rewards for your city/region, click here.
We know this might be a lot to take in, but keep in mind you will get a detailed payment statement every Tuesday, along with your payment.
Any questions? Just hit 'Reply' to your payment email and we will be in touch💸

Staffomatic 📅
Set up your Staffomatic account via the email invitation you have received. You can log into Staffomatic via the Stuart app in the drop down menu. Be sure to use the 'shorthanded shifts' filter option to clearly see all available slots.
Find out how to link your Staffomatic slots to your calendar here.
Slots go live on Friday for all cities for the following week ⏰ You can find slot release times here

Equipment 👕
Mandatory equipment is:

  • Mopeds - thermal bag or thermal backpack box
  • Bikes - Bag and thermal bag - you should be able to transport food flat, either in the Stuart roll-top bag or with the rack. Find out how to install it below:

Zones 🌎
You can find the zone maps here - jobs are sent to the closest Stuart courier partner, so position yourself well to get more jobs. Remember, more jobs means you can earn more by hitting your delivery rewards! Choose your favourite zones here to be eligible for Priority Slots! 

What to know how you are performing on the platform? Easy, check your weekly CPS email. This is how we calculate your CPS

Support 👩‍💻👨‍💻

Remember to search through the Help Centre in the app if you have any generic questions before reaching out to support. You can contact support at the end of each article if you haven't found the answer to your question.
If you are on a job and need help, you can use the 'live chat' feature in your app. Please keep in mind support see what you see in the app, so if you need address details you should contact your client or end customer first 📞
If you are not on a job, please do not type "urgent."

Important reminder 📫
There is a lot of interest in becoming a Stuart Courier Partner. Now you are onboard, do go ahead and grab your opportunity to start earning and become a part of this fantastic community.
If you still have not started and your account is inactive after a month, we will consider you are no longer keen and give your place to another Stuart Courier Partner.
If you do not ride with us and you fail to return the equipment, we will debit the amount from your account via the direct debit form you signed.
We will also take £32 to cover the cost of your background check.

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