One of the client requirements is that all London Stuart Courier Partners in carry a £50 cash float when operating on the platform.

The process is the following: you pay for the order at pick-up with this cash float, you make your way to the drop-off, at which point the customer pays you and you are back with your float.

Please note if there is a cash order of more than £50, the client will not ask you to pay for the order at pick-up. You will have to ask support for a return delivery at the drop-off, and you will give the client the payment you have received for this order.

Here's a helpful link with the location of ATMs. 

You know the good thing about cash orders: tips!! 


The client store manager will provide you with a cash float at the beginning of your shift.

If your end-customer pays in cash, provide them with the change required using the cash float provided.

When you return to the store, handover the cash to the client store manager and they will top up your cash float again for the remaining deliveries.

Once your shift is completed, please handover any cash received from end-customers and remaining cash float to the client store manager.

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