Thanks again for your interest in working with Stuart! 😍

Your application may be put on hold for various reasons, please see the criteria below:

  • You must be 18 years old or over

  • You must confirm your Right to Work document from the following:

    1. BRP Card - Indefinite Leave to Remain / Settlement / Refugee / Spouse / EU family member / PBS dependant

    2. BRP Card - T2, T4 or T5 visa (Skilled visa, Student visa and Temporary worker visa)

    3. Application Registration Card (ARC) - Claimed ID Asylum

    4. UK Passport or UK birth certificate + NIN

    5. EU/EEA/Swiss Passport or National Identity Card

    6. Graduate Visa

    (Please note that the T2, T4 or T5 visa is ineligible to work with Stuart)

  • Having your own vehicle (bicycle/moped/car)

  • Having a vehicle that is not road legal. For more information, press here.

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