Virtual Partner Hours are one-on-one sessions with Stuart team members to get advice about using the platform, earnings advice, general support, and help with solving any issues.

In-person Partner Hours have been postponed due to COVID-19, so we are currently offering Virtual Partner Hours (VPH) to stay in touch and offer support.

  1. What can we help with?

  2. Zoom requirements

  3. How to join in London

  4. How to join in other cities

What can we help with?

  • Earnings advice (using the Multiplier, rewards etc.) 

  • General wellbeing

  • App issues

  • Hearing your feedback

  • Events information

For any other topics or issues, please email one of the following email addresses: 

You can also make some requests online without speaking to our team:

Zoom requirements

  1. Create a free Zoom account here.

  2. The session will take place on Zoom. You can join the meetings directly from your browser.

  3. To join without downloading the app, select the meeting link (next session link below) and click on 'Start from Browser'.

  4. Enter the password: stuart

  5. When you enter the session you will need to enter your name and driver ID (e.g. Stuart 1235).

  6. After this, you will be added to the Waiting Room. There is a maximum capacity of 10 people at a time in a waiting room. When in the Waiting Room, please be patient. Everyone in the Waiting Room will be seen.

  7. If you are not able to access the session, please join the next available session.

ℹ️ Please note, each session will have a unique link.

How to join in London

This week, sessions will be held on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 10:30am - 11:30am GMT

How to join in other cities

In other cities, we will send you a sign-up form for your area through the app every week. This will lead you directly to a sign-up form where you can register for a time slot.

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