You will receive a detailed weekly payment statement by email after 3pm on a Tuesday.

If you have an issue with something that directly relates to your payment statement, please email, or respond directly to your payment statement email.

For more general inquiries, please reach out to support via the Help Centre on your app.

Here we show an example of a payment statement.

The payment week runs from Monday - Sunday and you will receive your payment statement and bank transfer the following Tuesday.

Total Delivery Payment:

Note: Your payment statement shows jobs whereas your app displays the number of deliveries. (I.e A multi-drop could contain 3 deliveries but is 1 job).
The price of each finished job is dependant on distance and transport type. You can find more information here.

If a client cancels a job you may be entitled to a cancellation fee. You can find more information here.

Additional drops are for long pick-up distances (ONLY London, Liverpool, Leeds and Birmingham). You can find more information here.

Minimum Guarantee (MG) Top-up:

Minimum guarantee is like a safety net, and is applied per slot (not hour). To get Minimum hourly guarantee (shortly MG), you need to meet certain criteria, which you can read about here.

If any of your slots have been invalidated they will not be eligible for MG. If your slot has been invalidated for no-show, connection (excessive time missed), area (excessive time out of area) or acceptance (excessive jobs missed) this will be shown here.

If your slot has been invalidated for 'unauthorised courier request' or 'checkin' this will be shown in your earnings per slot breakdown below.

You can find more about slot rules here.

Delivery Rewards:

Note: If you have received too many no-shows your statement will show;
"You are ineligible for any Delivery Rewards as you no-showed too many times last week"
You can review the no-show policy here.

Occasionally rewards may be applied to specific jobs or slots. These will be communicated to you via message when we have any reward promotions.

Multiplier rewards are shown on your payment statement in the format of Area_Date/Time earnings. The Multiplier is a reward system designed to reward you for deliveries made at different times of the day. You can find more information here.


Any adjustments to your payment can be located here.

If you have purchased equipment from Stuart this is on a deposit basis and any deductions of refunds can be found on your statement. More information on deposits can be found here.

Any payment adjustments made by support will be located under "Adjustments/Partner Referrals".

If you are eligible for weekly top-up this will also be shown here. For more information on weekly top-up please review the attached links for London and rest of the UK.

Earnings per slot breakdown:

The individual breakdown for each slot is displayed here. You will find how much you earned on each slot and how much MG top-up you received.

If your slot was invalidated, the reason for invalidation will be listed. 

If your slot does not show as validated it means you didn't fulfil one of these criteria and are not eligible for minimum guarantee for that slot.

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