Depending on the day or time of day, it's possible that the demand is lower and that there's a high number of drivers connected, therefore the chances of getting a job invitation are less. 

We recommend to remain around the shops in your zone so you are nearby when the deliveries come through. Our system automatically assigns riders that are near the restaurant but hang in there! 


Whilst using the Stuart platform you must ensure your device has a good connection to the following:

  • Network Signal
  • Mobile Data Signal
  • GPS Signal

If we are unable to detect a connection to one or all of the above, we will contact you with the following message:

"We are not able to geolocalise you so you will be switched off automatically soon. Please make sure you have a good internet connection and that your GPS is activated."

We do this to ensure all Stuart Courier Partners have a valid connection to the platform at all times.

Troubleshooting Suggestions:

  • Restart the Stuart Courier Partner App
  • Make sure your device is not in low power mode
  • Check that network, mobile data and GPS connection is good 
  • Ensure you are not using a wifi connection
  • Check mobile data/phone signal with your network provider
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