An incentive of £50 is awarded to the referrer and £50 to the referred partner courier.

You are paid for referring a courier partner when both the referrer and referred courier partner have completed 30 jobs within 30 days of the referred courier's approval date.

Referrals should apply directly through providing the referee's Staffomatic ID as the referral code. You can find this ID in the 'account' section of Staffomatic (see picture below).

NB: referral bonus is paused as of February 19th 2019 at 2pm, except in Cambridge and Exeter. The referral bonus for van couriers is also paused.

It will come back again - we will keep you posted!

There is no need for you to get in touch to tell us who you're referring.

Note: Your referrals will be subject to the same selection process and quality standards as other applicants. All referral codes need to be entered at the time of application

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