NB: Referral rewards are currently only operating in Swansea, and are paused in all other cities. They'll be back very soon - we'll keep you posted! 

 All you need to do is get your friends signed up on our platform!

How does it work?
Refer a friend to the Stuart platform and you could both earn £50

How do they apply?
1 - Tell your friends to apply to to be a courier via our website - www.stuart.com/become-courier
2 - Ask them to add your Staffomatic/Stuart ID to their application. You can find this in the 'account' section of Staffomatic (see picture below)
3 - We will review their application and get in touch!

When will I receive my reward?
Once the person you refer has been approved on the platform and completed 30 deliveries, given that you have also done at least 30 deliveries with Stuart, the reward will be added to your payment the following Tuesday.

There is no need for you to get in touch to tell us who you're referring.

Note: Your referrals will be subject to the same selection process and quality standards as other applicants. All referral codes need to be entered at the time of application

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