What if I can't find the customer at the drop-off point they specified?

Follow these steps: 

  1. Read the comments section in your app for any additional details
  2. Read the receipt of the order
  3. Call your end-customer, and then your client (how to guide here)

For Just Eat jobs, contact support rather than the client. 

Please keep in mind that only the end-customer or the client know where the exact address is, support sees the same thing as you in the app.

What if the end customer is absent?

If the customer is absent, please follow these instructions:

  1. Try to call the customer 3 times via the app
  2. Contact support after 5 minutes if no answer
  3. Support will contact our client - at this point you will have to wait a little longer
  4. You will most probably be instructed by support to return the order to the client

Please do not return packages without the approval of support!

If you need to return the package please follow the returns process here.

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