When can a return delivery happen?

If you cannot successfully deliver the package at drop-off (either from an absent customer situation or incorrect address), you may have a return delivery back to pick-up. You should contact Support first - they will cancel your current delivery and send you a return delivery invitation.

What will this look like in the app?

You will see a delivery for each part of your journey: (1) the delivery from pick-up to drop-off and (2) the return delivery from drop-off back to pick-up. Your first part of the journey will show as a cancelled delivery (it will have an 'X' next to the timestamp of that delivery on your delivery history page).

What am I paid for return deliveries?

You are paid the pay-per-drop rate for distance and transport type for both parts of your journey. If a multiplier is effective for the time of your delivery, you will receive this only on your non-cancelled delivery.

Please refer here and navigate to your city page to understand the payment structure for your city.

What if I have a multi-drop delivery and have a return situation?

If you have already picked up multiple packages to deliver and are unable to successfully deliver one of them - first reach out to Support via the app.

If you have multiple packages left, Support will arrange a return for you at the end of your journey once your final package is delivered. If this is your final package, support will arrange a return for you at that time. Support will ensure you receive payment for the return journey.

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