Here are a few points to check before requesting to Support for a return:

  • Call your end customer at least 3 times upon arrival
  • Call your client and check if they have any other contact details for the end customer¬†
  • Explain to the client you will not be able to deliver the package successfully due to the end customer being absent, ask them what they would like you to do with the package. If they request a return, using the live chat feature be clear with support and explain clearly you have spoken with the client and they would like you to return the package to them
  • Support will finish the job for you (it is important you do not sign the job yourself)¬†
  • A return job will be sent to you: accept the job
  • Once you deliver the package back to the client, request for Support to finish the job for you. They will need to sign for it: please specify clearly that it is a return job

Please do not start returning before confirmation from support!

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