If your Background Check report has returned with criminal history, your Stuart account may be disabled. As stated in Clause 1.1 of Part II of the GCU, you must meet the requirements for the position, which includes passing a background check. This is confirmed in clause 1.1.1 which further states that you must provide all documentation that has been requested by the company.

What happens next?

If your DBS has returned showing criminal offence(s) resulting in a failed check, you will be contacted by Stuart via email to arrange a phone call. You will have the opportunity to fully disclose the information on the matter should you choose to.

You have 3 days to respond. Should this not be met, your Stuart account will be disabled. You can still contact us after 3 days, however your account activation may be delayed whilst we make a decision. All decisions are under the discretion of Stuart.

My conviction is spent, what can I do?

If you feel your check should be clear due to a considerable amount of time passing you should contact Disclosure Scotland directly and ask for this to be taken into consideration and for a check to be re-run. Once the check has been re-run and returned clear your account will be re-activated. 

Please note if you have selected 'no criminal history' within your application you will be charged £33.5 for the Accurate check.

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