If your Background Check report has returned with criminal history, your Stuart account will be disabled. This is due to clients using the Stuart platform requesting clear checks from couriers who are handling their jobs.

If you would like to contest this please follow these steps:

  • Once receiving your report via post, take a picture of the front and back making sure the text is clear 
  • Send an email to partners.london@stuart.com 
  • The Stuart team will review your case and respond to your email, a time frame will be given to you within the email response 
  • Your Stuart account and Staffomatic will remain disabled until a decision has been communicated to you
  • All decisions are under Stuart discretion 

If you feel your check should be clear due to a considerable amount of time passing you should contact Disclosure Scotland directly and ask for this to be taken into consideration and for a check to be re-run. Once the check has been re-run and returned clear your account will be re-activated. 

Please note if you have selected 'no criminal history' within your application you will be charged £37 for the Accurate check.

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