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Creating your account

Once you have completed your on-boarding, you will receive an email invitation to Staffomatic, where you will be able to book your Minimum Guarantee slots. 

  • Accept the invitation by clicking the green button (as see below) below in the email

  • On the next page, fill in your details and create your own password (this is a brand new password, it can be anything!) - picture below

  • Click on the red "Accept Invitation" button

You will then be able to book slots on Staffomatic!

Trading or cancelling a slot

We offer a limited number of guaranteed payment slots to our courier-partners each week. Slots you don’t show up for are slots another courier-partner might have been very happy to take! It also means clients may not have enough Stuwies for their deliveries.

  1. If your slot is in less than 24 hours, you can trade it 🤝

  2. If your slot is in more than 24 hours, you can simply cancel it ❌

Trading a slot

  • Put a message in your vehicle chat group on Telegram to let fellow Stuwies know you cannot make it and give them the option to take it off you

  • Put your slot up for trade as soon as you know you cannot make it by following these steps:

1️⃣ Open Staffomatic & select the slot you cannot make

2️⃣ Enter the reason you cannot make it

3️⃣ Make sure you tick "I understand...", then click 'Trade'

⚠️ If your slot has not been successfully traded (you will get an email alert if it has) you are still deemed responsible for covering it.

If you "no-show" your CPS will be negatively impacted. More info on the no-show policy here.

Cancelling a slot

If your slot begins in more than 24 hours, you can cancel it yourself in Staffomatic.
Click on the red cross (see below) to automatically un-assign you from the slot.

Can't access your account?

If you have not used your Staffomatic account for 6 months, your account will be automatically removed.

If you're experiencing problems or want to begin using your Staffomatic account again, please contact Customer Support.

Where do I find my Staffomatic ID number?

You can find this ID in the 'account' section of Staffomatic.

Go to Account > Your profile

How do I get my Staffomatic schedule on my phone's calendar app?

To connect your Staffomatic schedule to your phone calendar please select the correct video below for you and follow the instructions.

*Please note, the password for both is: alwaysontime

For Android users:

For iPhone users:

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