Cancellation - What if my client has cancelled my job?

  • If the job is cancelled within 2 minutes of you accepting, then there is no payment. 
  • If your client has cancelled more than 2 minutes after you’ve accepted the job, you will be paid the cancellation fee.  
  • If the job cancelled was a long pick-up and you have reached pick-up, you will also be entitled to the long PU rewards if applicable.

Cancellation fee as per your transport type:

  • Bike - £4 
  • Moped - £4.50
  • Car - £4.5 outside London / £6 in London

If the client would like to cancel a job after you have picked up, they will need to contact us. In this situation, you are paid the full price of the job, but will likely be asked to return the package back to the pick-up location. More on returns here

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