We will detail here the different payments:

  • Per drop, depending on the distance

  • Minimum Guarantee

  • Weekly top-up

  • Rewards

  • Return deliveries

  • Detailed payment example


You can earn anytime by taking a delivery. The payment is dependent on the distance you have travelled from the pick-up to the drop-off.

For example:

I am a motorbike rider in Leeds.
I complete a 6-mile delivery.
My pay for this delivery is £5.00 + (£0.75 x 6) = £9.50. 


Your delivery fee is dependent on the distance you travelled from the pick-up to the drop-off. If the drop is a multi-drop (the same pick-up place with 2 close drop-offs), you will receive £1.00 extra for it and this reward will be counted on top of the full fee.

For more information please click here.


Minimum guarantee is like a safety net, and is applied per slot (not hour). To get Minimum hourly guarantee (shortly MG), you need to meet certain criteria, which you can read about here.

How do we calculate MG?

MG is calculated by the drop price.
E.g. you are a motorbike courier and you had 2 h slot, so MG for it is £16. In those 2 hours you did 3 drops under 1.5 miles, £4 each. You earned £12. You met all MG criteria and your slot is validated. To reach MG of £16, we will add £4 to your pay.

If you earn more than MG price in your slot, you get to keep it all and we do not need to top it up.

If there were no orders coming your way while on the slot, we will give you the full amount (provided you met MG criteria).

If you did not meet MG criteria, your pay will be based on what purely you earned in the slot by doing drops, there will be no top up from us.


You can read about this payment element by pressing here.


Our current reward system is called "Multiplier". 

Full information about how it works can be found here.

Special rewards

When the weather conditions are not that good or a new zone is opened, you will receive an SMS with reward information. It will tell the date, time frame of when it is available, for which orders and whether no-show rule will apply. This reward will be on top of your MG.


  • A return fee for the cancelled delivery (not eligible for multiplier).

  • A full delivery fee for the return, depending on its distance (Eligible for multiplier).

Cancellation fee as per your transport type: More info here 

  • Bike - £4 

  • Moped - £4.50

  • Car - £4.50


A bike courier has a Tuesday slot in the city center from 4 PM to 7 PM and has completed the following deliveries:

  • 1 delivery of 2.6 miles drop-off distance

  • 2 deliveries of 1.5 mile drop-off distance

Slot lasted 3 h, MG hourly pay is £7.5, MG for the slot will be £22.5. Multiplier at the time was 1.2x.

This will be your payment breakdown:

Delivery payment
1 x £6.75 (inside MG)
3 x £4.00 (inside MG)

Pay per drop: £18.75

MG top up (providing you met MG criteria): £3.75

Rewards (on top of MG): £1.35 + £2.4 = £3.75

Your TOTAL pay for the slot will be:
£18.75 + £3.75 + £3.75 = £26.25


Long pick-up (LPU) rewards are granted when the distance between your invitation acceptance location and the pick-up location is over the LPU limits on finished deliveries. A £1.50 reward will be awarded when the distance to pick up exceeds the LPU limit.

LPU Limits*:

Bikes: 2 miles and over

Mopeds: 2.5 miles and over

*Please be aware that Long PUs are not the same as the maximum PU distances:

Bikes: 2.5 miles
Motorbikes/Cars: 3 miles

More information can be found here.

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