There are two main things we check during your application:

  1. Your right to work in the UK 
  2. A background check carried out by Accurate

Right to work in the UK

The right to work check proves that you are legally allowed to work in the UK.

You have 2 different options for carrying out this check: do it in person with a Stuart employee at an onboarding session, or do it independently at the post office. 

Documents you will need for your Right To Work check:

1. Proof Of Identity

UK/EEA Passport

EEA ID card (with additional photo ID)

UK Birth Certificate with your National Insurance Number *

Non-EEA Passport with biometric residence permit

*The post office does not verify birth certificates, we will ask you to upload a picture of the original together with an NI card or an official NI letter

2. Proof Of Address

Utility bill (no older than 3 months)

Council Tax bill (no older than 12 months)

Bank or Credit Card statement (no older than 3 months)

Post office checks

If you chose to do your check at a post office, you will need to fill in this form.
Further guidelines about the post office check can be found here.

Background check

The documents needed to do your background check can be found here. You can also refer to the DBS list of acceptable documents.

Only JPEG and PDF files will be accepted, no screenshots!

Extra documents required for moped and car couriers:

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