Background checks are run by a trusted third-party company that authenticates your documents and searches for criminal history. 

Right to work checks are for us to verify if you have the right to work in the UK.

In order to avoid reputational damage for both us and other users of the platform, Stuart undertakes right to work checks on all Independent Couriers before they are able to undertake deliveries for clients. In many cases, Stuart is also required to undertake these checks by the clients themselves as they wish to ensure that everyone acting on their behalf is legally able to work in the UK.

As a result, it is a condition of your use of the platform that you complete these right to work checks. If you do not, you will not be able to carry out any delivery services for clients and your account will be terminated. 

If you lose the right to work in the UK at any time, you will no longer be able to provide services to clients using the platform and your account will be terminated.

If the document does not show a permanent right to work, Stuart will need to undertake follow up checks and you will be required to continue to be able to provide evidence of your continuing right to work. These further checks will take place within the next 12 months and will continue on annual basis going forward.

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