Looking to beat ULEZ charges or tired of peddling? 

Otto Scooter are proud to offer Stuart Riders £50 off the deposit on the popular Rent-2-Buy scheme for e-bikes and e-scooters. 

Electric Scooter: what's included? 

A brand new Askoll ULEZ-compliant electric scooter from just £59/pw

Servicing and maintenance 

If you need insurance Otto can add this into the deal for just £30 more

The Rent 2 Buy scheme is a 24 month deal after which you’ll fully own the scooter with no balloon payment. 

Electric scooters are not just better for the planet but also for your pocket, with running costs significantly less than a petrol scooter, meaning you’ll keep more of your hard earned money. 

It’s the equivalent to a 100cc scooter and has a range of 60 miles on one charge alone. 

Otto also offer additional removable batteries if you would like to double your range!

On top of the fuel savings, you can avoid paying £12.50 per day by beating the upcoming ULEZ charge in Central London on 8th April. 

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Please note you will need a CBT unless you already have a moped license.

Electric Bike: what's included? 

Own the Otto folding eBike Askoll eB Folding+ for just £35 per week, with a powerful in-wheel engine and range of 60 kms per charge. In just 14 months the bicycle is yours with no balloon payment. Don’t miss out!

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Pick up your bike from Hammersmith now! 

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