Here you can find the possible results for your background check should your background check not come back as clear after being processed.

Background check is incomplete

Why did my background check come back as incomplete?

Accurate will get in touch with you via email if they require additional information to help process your background check, if you fail to provide the information requested, your background check will come back as incomplete, here are the most common reasons:

1. The Right to Work in the UK document you have uploaded on Accurate's website is incorrect. It should be one of the following combinations:

  • UK, EU or Swiss Citizen: Passport or National ID card
  • UK Birth Certificate + Official document issuing your National Insurance number
  • Citizen outside the EU: Passport and Residence Permit 

2. The addresses you have provided overlap or there are gaps in the address history.
3. The Disclosure & Barring Services (DBS) consent code is missing.
4. The documents you have sent Accurate are not valid as the contents have been altered and or manipulated.

For a list of accepted documents, please click here.
Only JPEG and PDF formats will be accepted, no screenshots.

Account deactivation - Incomplete background check

Stuart reserves the right to suspend your account if your background check is incomplete. 

If our partner, Accurate, a trusted 3rd party company, requires extra documents or think the information you provided is incomplete, they will send you an email with details of what to do next. Please check your spam folder in case emails go there.

In this case, you have 21 days to finish your background check before we suspend your account. Suspension will last until your background check report comes clear.

If your account has been suspended and you had shifts booked on Staffomatic, please cancel or trade with other drivers. Failure to do so will affect your CPS.

Background check has a criminal history

Criminal history

If your Background Check report has returned with a criminal history, your Stuart account may be temporarily disabled. As stated in Clause 1.1 of Part II of the GCU, you must meet the requirements for the position, which includes passing a background check. This is confirmed in clause 1.1.1 which further states that you must provide all documentation that has been requested by the company.

What happens next?

If your DBS has returned showing criminal offence(s) on your background check, you will be contacted by Stuart via email to arrange a phone call. You will have the opportunity to fully disclose the information on the matter should you choose to.

You have 3 days to respond. Should this not be met, your Stuart account will be disabled. You can still contact us after 3 days, however your account activation may be delayed whilst we make a decision. All decisions are under the discretion of Stuart.

My conviction is spent, what can I do?

If you feel your DBS criminal history should be clear due to a considerable amount of time passing, you should contact Disclosure Scotland directly and ask for this to be taken into consideration.

Please note if you have selected 'no criminal history' within your application you will be charged £31.5 for the Background check.

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