Ocado operates in Stirling Road zone. If you have slots there, please also read this article carefully.

  • What is Ocado Zoom? An online supermarket delivering fresh and frozen foods within one hour in parts of West London, from their warehouse in Chiswick, every day from 7am to 11pm.
  • Equipment: As per our general T&Cs, it is essential that you have the mandatory equipment. Your thermal bag needs to be clean and free of any other items! Please DO NOT ACCEPT AN OCADO JOB if you do not have the correct equipment, as you will not be able to do it upon arriving at the warehouse.
  • At pick-up: please have the full order number ready and present your clean and empty thermal bag. Please also remove your helmet.
  • Weight: Just like all your clients, Ocado is well aware of the maximum weight by transport type. If you encounter any issues, please follow the process explained in this article.
  • Challenge 25: Some products carry an age restriction and should not be handed over to anyone under 18. The app will tell you which age-restricted items are in each bag. If the customer looks under 25, you should ask for a valid ID. If they do not have one or are under 18, you should remove the age restricted item(s) from the package and contact Stuart support to arrange a return to the warehouse for these products - everything is tracked. 
  • Cold chain: Orders with chilled items should generally be delivered within a 30 minute window. If the time expires, you will receive a phone call from Stuart support to decide if you can proceed with the delivery or if you need to return to the Ocado warehouse with a return job.
  • Wrong DO address: Call customer, same process as Absent Customer if no answer.
  • Absent customer: As usual, if the customer does not seem to be in, you should try to call them via the Stuart app and leave a Voice Mail. After 8 minutes (or 5 for a multi-drop if this drop is not the final one), if the customer does not answer, please contact Stuart support who will give you instructions.
  • Customer refuses some item: Don't accept any item back, they should refer to the Ocado Zoom Contact Centre - all details in Ocado Zoom app!
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