To make your payments correct, please request slot validation within 24 hours of receiving the slot invalidation SMS. 

For more serious matters (injury, accident), you can request slot validation within 48 hours.

Here are guidelines on slot validation reasons:


You can ask for area validation if your last job took you far away from your zone and you have a new slot starting in a zone which was next to the original zone you booked in. When you book back to back slots, it is your responsibility to make sure they are not too far from one another and that you can realistically be on time for the next one if you stayed close to your original zone.

Please remember, you do not need to ask for a validation simply because your job took you outside of your zone as you have allocated time to return to your zone. Read more about this here

Tip: The Stuart app's zone maps feature lets you see the zone in your app. Have it on at all times to avoid having slot invalidated! Please plan your work day carefully as well.


You can ask for acceptance validation when for example you had an expired job invite because you asked support to cancel the job for you due to it being over pick-up limits, but the job keeps coming back to you as you are the closest driver. 

We will also validate the slots that were affected by the app in cases when you had auto-accept on, but your job invitations were not accepted and kept expiring.

Unauthorised cancellations will have a negative impact on your minimum guarantee eligibility as well as your CPS score. Cancellation requests for jobs that are within Pick-up and Drop-off limits count as an unauthorised request, Support will notify you at the time that the job you are requesting to cancel is an unauthorised request and your MG will be invalidated automatically. In this case the next day you will receive an automated text message stating the slot is not eligible for MG. Please read here when you can cancel a job that you have already accepted.


You can validate your slot for connection reason when you had equipment failure (but were able to finish the slot), for example, your bike got a flat tire and you needed to go offline to quickly change it, but you were still able to finish the rest of the slot. For this we need a picture for the proof.

Your slot will not be validated if you by accident went over your break limit. You have 6 min per hour break time, please plan it carefully.

It will not be validated if you were late for the slot. Please show up to the slot on time.

It will not be validated if you were logged off by the app, your phone's battery died or your phone is experiencing GPS issues. Your phone is your working tool, you need to check the phone and the app often while you are on a slot to make sure everything is functioning well.


You can validate your slot for CPS (which will validate all of the above for your score only so you can still receive your rewards) when: 

  • You had sickness (please provide the doctor's notice to Support)
  • You had a sudden death in the family
  • You had an accident and you are not able to finish the slot (please provide the doctors' notice to Support)
  • Your equipment gets broken/stolen and you are not able to finish the slot (please provide valid proof to Support)
  • You had persistent app issues that made all your performance measures very low, which means you worked for less than half of your slot (please contact support persistently about this matter)
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