Eskuta have launched their new Hire 2 Own (H2O) scheme.

H2O allows you to rent a delivery e-bike for 10 or 20 weeks, with an option to own the bike after 10 weeks. ⚡🚴‍♀️

How much does it cost?

You pay a deposit of £250, then a weekly fee of £60 starting 4 weeks later. 💪🏽

If you just want to rent for 10 weeks, you get your deposit back after the 10-week period. Or you can extend for another 10 weeks, forego the deposit at the end of the second term and then own the bike at the end of the 20-week period for a £20 transfer of ownership fee! 🔋

If you want to buy your vehicle outright, we've teamed up with Eskuta for some 🤑 amazing savings 🤑 : save up to £300 on a new bike!

Their Stuart-exclusive offers include...

About the bikes:

ϟ No insurance or CBT required

ϟ Reduced mileage costs over petrol scooters – only 10p for a full electric charge

ϟ Can be ridden within bus and cycle lanes; improving delivery time efficiency

ϟ Almost silent, it can be used late at night in provincial locations, which have restrictions on petrol scooters


ϟ Robust & reliable motorcycle grade components

ϟ 50 miles range on a single charge

ϟ Panasonic lithium-ion removable battery pack

ϟ Built in LED lighting

ϟ Air suspension and tubeless motorcycle tires

ϟ Front disc brake & rear drum braking

ϟ Alarm, immobiliser & locking steering

ϟ 12 months unconditional warranty

The SX-250d also comes with...

ϟ Tech bar with GPS navigation holder and USB charging port

ϟ Comes with rear carrier and cargo box

Click below for full details:

Please note your status as an approved Stuart courier will be checked prior to acceptance of order.

Hire 2 Own

Both bikes Their H20 (Hire 2 Own) scheme allows you to pay a monthly fee, and own the bike outright at the end of your contract.

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