The Multiplier is a reward system designed to reward you for deliveries made at different times of the day. It multiplies your delivery fees by a certain number that we communicate to you in advance.

Example: You receive a delivery on Sunday at 6pm with an evening Multiplier of 1.5x.

Each Multiplier is set differently in each city depending on demand. There can be multipliers on any day of the week, during the following time periods.

Lunch, Afternoon, Evening and Night are defined by the hours below. This is an example of what a given week's multiplier can look like:

Please note: The view above has recently been updated in some cities.


1. Will I receive a Multiplier reward on all rides?

You will receive a reward when you complete a delivery during the time of day with an assigned Multiplier, whether you’re working on or off slot, so long as the other requirements are met. 

2. What are the other requirements?

The no-show policy applies to Multiplier rewards, and they may be invalidated for the week if you have no-showed too many times. More on that policy here.

Cancelled deliveries will not have multiplier added on top.

3. If I start a delivery when one Multiplier ends (e.g. accepted a delivery at 17:25 when Multiplier is 1.4x) and finish a delivery when another Multiplier begins (e.g. finished a delivery at 17:50 when Multiplier is 1.2x), which one will I receive?

You will receive 1.4x Multiplier as it counts from when you accepted the delivery.

4. Where do I find these rewards on my payment statement?

For now, they still appear under the "Standard delivery rewards" category, but will be individually named with the first letters of the city you work in, the day and start time and how much you earned.

5. When do we find out about these rewards?

The first Multiplier rewards will be communicated to you on Thursday, and then every Thursday morning going forwards. They will be the Multipliers set for the following week. There will also be daily reminder messages via the app for the rewards for that day.

6. How do Multiplier rewards work with Minimum Guarantee?

We calculate any Minimum Guarantee top-up first, then add on your Multiplier rewards. You don’t lose any MG by earning through Multiplier.

7. What about additional rewards such as Weather or New Zone Launch rewards? 

Just like the current system, those types of rewards will be kept separate and communicated individually when they are live. They will always be on top of the Multiplier.

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