Riders talked, GreenMo listened - to over 500 riders for on-demand delivery fleets in the UK.

If you’re riding hard for Stuart, why not go zero-emissions?

Save money and cut out some of the hassle of owning a petrol scooter.

GreenMo’s scooter packages have been put together to give you everything you need to go out and make some cash!

The Cost?

From £89 (inc VAT) per week you never need to pay for petrol again.

Plus, you get all of this:

  • New VT120LD bike proven to work for all the on-demand companies

  • Food delivery and courier insurance

  • Flexible terms – just 4 weeks minimum term (maximum 12 weeks) with no deposit

  • Access to free electricity through the POLAR network so you can charge on breaks

  • Tracking and theft detection

  • USB charging built in

How do I get started?

Get in touch – info@greenmo-uk.com or 020 7859 4564
You can also visit www.greenmo-uk.com for more information.

Watch this video review from Dimitar who uses Greenmo!


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