Client Performance Score: Overview

Your Client Performance Score (CPS) reflects your contribution to the Stuart community and determines the kind of opportunities you get access to, and ultimately whether you may continue working for the platform's business clients. If you are in the top of the CPS, you may also get priority access to certain zones! More about that here.

For every week where you have worked on the platform (i.e. spent some time logged on), you will receive an updated CPS the following week on Wednesday. Your CPS does not just look at that past week, but the past 3 weeks you've worked combined - this is to encourage Stuwies to be consistent in their efforts!
NB: if you have not worked during a whole week, you will not receive a CPS for that week.

Your overall score is a weighted average of 4 sub-scores for the 3-week period. If you are working off-slot some of the subscores will not apply to you and will appear blank.

On-slot CPS sub-scores 

  • ON-SLOT STATS: Connection ratio, Acceptance, Area, Reliability , Total invalidated slots. 
  •  Activity - Total jobs completed
  • Jobs per hour
  • Service quality 

Off-slot subscores

  • Activity - Total jobs completed
  • Jobs per hour 
  • Service quality 

What defines off-slot from on-slot?
1+ booked and worked slots in Staffomatic = On-slot CPS
0 slots booked and worked = Off-slot CPS

NB: If you work less than 10 hours per week on slot you will not be eligible for priority slots.

AREA RATIO: This reflects the time spent outside of your zone not on a delivery
This measure is linked to the slot invalidation message you receive. If you have received a slot invalidation message telling you you were out of your area for too long then you have been waiting outside of the area which you booked on Staffomatic ! 

👍🏼 Stay in the centre of your zone, and head back to your zone as soon as you are finished with a delivery!

NB: This is an "on-slot only" component

ONLINE RATIO: This reflects the number of hours that were invalidated because you were offline for too long
This measure is linked to the slot invalidation message you receive.

👍🏼 Stay online for at least 90% of your slot, and check that you are connected and that you don't have a GPS problem!

NB: This is an "on-slot only" component

JOBS MISSED: This reflects the total delivery invite requests that you dod not accepted in your app over the three week period.

Increase this sub-score by accepting all incoming delivery requests in your Stuart app. You are able to miss one delivery invite per slot. If you miss (let expire or reject) more than one delivery invite per slot, that slot will be invalidated.

👍🏼 Keep a close eye on your phone when logged on, and to be safe you can enable 'Auto-Accept' mode in your app

NB: This is an "on-slot only" component

NUMBER OF NO-SHOWS: This score reflects the number of slots in which you were marked as a no-show slots that you had in the last 3 weeks.  

Increase this sub-score by not missing too much time or 'no-showing' for the time slots you signed up for through Staffomatic. We recommend you think twice before registering for your slots (don't bite off more than you can chew!) You can always find a replacement for time slots you're no longer able to work or you can cancel slots in Staffomatic your self with 24hrs notice

👍🏼 A score of 5 indicates you haven't no-showed during the three week period

NB: This is an "on-slot only" component

SLOTS INVALIDATED: This score is based on the invalid actions carried out whilst on a delivery.
Invalid actions such as cancelling deliveries within pickup/drop off limits or moving away from the pick up and requesting a cancellation are invalid requests which result in a negative experience for your client. 

👍🏼Cancelling deliveries which are within the pick-up limits, causing delays to your clients' deliveries will have a negative impact on this score, keep in mind this may also invalidate your Minimum Guarantee for the slot.

NB: This is an "on-slot only" component

CHECK-IN RATIO: This score reflects the number of slots that you were online for in the booked area within the first 15 minutes (i.e. 'checked-in') out of all your booked slots.
Increase this score by being online, on the app, within your booked area (area that you booked the slot for on Staffomatic) within the first 15 minutes of the slot. 

NB: This is an "on-slot only" component

TOTAL JOBS: This score is a clear number of deliveries you have completed over the 3 week period. This counts return deliveries.
Increase this sub-score simply by completing more deliveries. All drops are counted (not just deliveries) This includes multi-drop deliveries and long pick-up deliveries which help boost this score. Remember that you can work anytime by just logging on to the Stuart Courier Partner app; having registered for a time slot is in no way mandatory.

👍🏼 You'll reach a score close to 5 if you are part of the top 10% in your vehicle type for both of these elements

JOBS PER HOUR: This score will show how many deliveries you complete per hour, calculating the time you are busy to the total amount of deliveries you completed overall for the 3 week period.

SERVICE QUALITY: Increase this sub-score by getting high ratings from the clients you serve. We love all Stuwies equally, so the people you should go out of your way to please are your clients, who are paying for a premium delivery experience! This can be achieved a number of ways: being friendly and professional, being on time, having all of your equipment, etc. You'll be surprised: a 'Hello, I'm your Stuart courier!' and a smile can go a very long way! As well as low star rating this subscore can be affected if your clients are contacting us directly to complain about a specific incident.
Examples of quality issues reported which can have an impact on this sub-score are: 

  • Lacking mandatory equipment or using competitor equipment
  • Using multiple apps 
  • Refusing accepted deliveries which are within the pick-up & drop-off distances causing client delays 
  • Cash - not having cash or not returning cash to the client (London only)
  • Rude with clients or end customers 
  • Not following the returns process/orders not delivered to end customer

👍🏼 A score of 5 says that you are the highest-rated Stuwie of your vehicle type during the period

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