New CPS as of June 25th - what's changing?

Overall Score 

We will no longer be using the 1-100 ranking. The new score will be a star rating system, from 0 to 5 stars as see below:

Sub-score ratings

All sub-scores will be marked out of 5 rather than out of 100. The ranking will be based on the rest of the fleet’s performance for that specific transport type, just like now.

Zone preferences

You will now have the ability to select 5 zones for priority, instead of 3.

Along with your score, you will also be able to see how many people you were behind to make the next priority choice. You can find the zone preference form to your city here.

How to be eligible for priority hours?

Only Stuwies who work mainly on slot will be eligible for priority. You will need to have validated a minimum of 10 hours of slot per week to be eligible for priority. This is per week, and will not be averaged over the 3 past weeks.

I am eligible for Priority, how many hours can I book?
The maximum number of priority hours is now 50, instead of 60 previously. The rest of the process doesn't change, see here.

Difference in on-slot and off-slot scores 

Just like in the previous CPS, couriers who work on slot have more components to their CPS; we call this part 'On-slot stats.' Please note you will have this category even if you have not validated the minimum number of hours to be eligible for priority (see above). 

Examples of quality issues reported which can have an impact on this sub-score are: 

  • Lacking mandatory equipment or using competitor equipment
  • Using multiple apps 
  • Refusing accepted jobs which are within the pick-up & drop-off distances causing client delays 
  • Cash - not having cash or not returning cash to the client (London only)
  • Rude with clients or end customers 
  • Not following the returns process/orders not delivered to end customer 

Keep in mind you will receive an on-slot score if you have worked any slots, even 1 slot will give you an on-slot score.
Off-slot score will mean you worked 0 hours on a slot. 

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