Getting priority slots is great news! It means you have reached the top 10% of the CPS for your transport type.

How it works:

  • Select your 5 preferred zones by clicking the link below for your city. You can change this anytime by submitting the form again. 
  • If you are eligible for priority, it will clearly state so on your CPS email, and for which zone (please see image on the left below)
  • Priority slots are released on Thursdays at 10am, and you have until 4pm to book slots. You will be able to view priority slots in Staffomatic highlighted in blue (please see image on the right below) 
  • Keep in mind you should not exceed 50 hours or the system will randomly delete slots to bring you back to 50 hours
  • Once general slots are released on Fridays (see timings here), you will be able to book additional slots

Preference forms:

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