Is there an approval process if I want to take time off?

Absolutely not! You are free to take time off as often as you'd like and for however long you'd like.

If you are going on a spontaneous trip, we definitely recommend that you first double-check your WiW schedule to see whether you are registered for any time slots in the time that you are away. If that is the case, as usual we would expect that you trade any time slots you would not be able to work, or cancel them. 

I have priority for next week but I'm going on holiday, what happens to my priority? 

Your priority will only be valid for that week, you are not able to carry your priority over to a week of your choice. This is to keep it fair to the rest of the fleet who continue to work hard. 

What will happen to my score whilst I am inactive? 

For the weeks that you are not active you will not receive a CPS score. When you return your score will be calculated from where you left off, please keep in mind that the CPS is a ranking amongst the fleet of the same transport type so other Stuwies will continue to work hard and increase their overall score. 

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