Rent a Bolt Bike for £39.99 a week

Stuart have teamed up with Bolt Bikes to offer riders e-bike rental and rent-to-buy schemes! 


You can access a like-new e-bike for their lowest weekly rental fee.

For just £39.99 per week the e-bike is yours 24/7! 

Rent to Own

You get exactly the same benefits as renting, but you will get a brand-new bike which you will own outright at the end of your rental.

For just £39.99 per week you own your e-bike in 12 months.*

*For shorter term contracts, please contact Bolt for details

How to redeem?

  • Collect from either the East or South London stores by signing up via this link
  • COVID-19 offer: get it delivered to you for just £30

What you get:

  • Best bike: powerful, long range (+70 miles*), safe.
  • No minimum rental period or lock in contracts.
  • Free maintenance: all bikes get free servicing every 4 months.
  • Damage & Theft cover: available for £5/week
  • Inclusions: E-Bike, Battery, Battery charger, U-lock (rent an extra battery for an additional cost) 
  • Charge your battery in just 4 hours

*Dependent upon power setting, terrain and road conditions

What do Bolt riders say?

"I can do more deliveries and make money with a Bolt Bike!"

"On my old bike, I was so tired after a shift...with a Bolt Bike, I'm not.  Thank you Bolt!"

"Great service. Great product. And the best price!"

Sign up now at

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