This app update will come with significant changes. Please take some time to review the below.

Auto-accept: it will not be at the bottom of your main screen anymore. To activate auto-accept, tap on the icon at the top left of your screen to go in your settings. Once you are on auto-accept, a blue 'high voltage' ⚡ sign will appear next to this icon to let you know your auto-accept is turned on.


Once you have accepted a delivery, the pick-up task details will appear at the bottom of your main screen:

By clicking on the above, you will access the details page. By clicking on the three dots to the right, you will also be able to check the 'Package Itinerary' page, with pick-up and drop-off details. This means you will now see drop-off details as soon as you accept the delivery. Yay! Once you have picked-up, confirm this by checking the circle on the left and click 'Complete tasks' at the bottom.

From the Package Details page you can see the size of the package you will be picking up, plus all the pickup and drop-off details. You will also be able to call the client or end-customer (depending on the stage of your current delivery) and access the Help Centre from this page.

Once you have arrived at the pick-up, you will be able to see the waiting time counter, as shown in the screenshot below:

Once you have confirmed the pick-up, you will be prompted to the drop-off screen, where you will be directed towards your destination. Similar to the pick-up screen after accepting a job, you will be able to access the drop-off details at the bottom:

From the job details page you will be able to check for further details for the current drop-off tasks, as well as finish the job:

Once you have checked the delivery box, you will be taken to the signature page. Collect the customer’s signature!

Once the signature has been collected, the circle will be checked, and by completing the ‘task’, you will finish the job.

The finished delivery will now appear on your earnings page!

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