So it is already Wednesday and you still have not received your pay. You are not sure what to do. Don't panic, here are the guidelines for you to follow:

  • As you are aware, payments are made on Tuesday afternoon. It will start coming in to your account only after 6 PM. Please do not email us before!
  • Depending on what bank you are using, please allow for payments to come in within 48 h.
  • If after 48 h the payment is not there, please contact your bank to generate a bank statement for you (alternatively, you can log in to your bank account and generate it yourself as a PDF). Then reply to your payment statement email with exact dates and amounts you are missing and with the bank statement attached.
  • Please ask your bank if the funds are being held on their side or whether the funds were rejected by them and it was sent back to us (most likely information we have and information your bank has does not match). Ask them for the proof of this, which you should then attach to your email to us.
  • If your previous bank account was closed and you did not update your details on time, we will need proof showing that one account has been closed and that your new account belongs to you. Please attach documents confirming both when you reply to your payment email.

Please bear in mind if you worked on a Monday just before payday, it will already count for next week's pay. To visualize:

You have worked between Monday 22nd and Tuesday 30th of July. Payday is Tuesday 30th July

Since your working week is always Monday-Sunday, you will be paid for the days worked between Monday 22nd - Sunday 28th July. The 29th and 30th July count counts as a new working week, so earnings would be paid the following Tuesday (6th of August).

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