Why aren’t driving licences issued by the DVLA acceptable?

Although the photocard driving license contains a digital image and states the country of birth, it does not definitely confirm the holder’s nationality, or their right to work in the UK. Whilst the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency might carry out necessary document checks to confirm an applicant’s identity, this is because they are responsible for issuing documents that confirm an individual is allowed to drive a vehicle, rather than confirming whether or not they have a right to work in the UK. You can find the list of necessary documents here.

Why can’t I use my National Insurance number as evidence of the right to work?

The purpose of the National Insurance (NI) number is primarily to monitor an individual’s National Insurance contributions and credited contributions. The NI number is also used as a reference number for individuals within the social security system; it was neither intended, nor designed to be a tool for identifying or determining an individual’s immigration status. Not all NI number holders will be allowed to work in the UK. A NI number alone in any format is not acceptable evidence of a person’s right to work in the UK.  You can find more information here.

Can I use my EEA identity card as evidence?

Possibly. The identity card must describe you as a national or citizen of the relevant EEA country. Some EEA countries issue identity cards to individuals who are resident in their country, but who are not nationals. These individuals will usually have cards which make it clear that they are not nationals of the EEA country concerned, and these will not show a person’s right to work.

If Stuart has any doubts about whether an identity card allows you to work in the UK or otherwise, we may ask you to produce your passport. If Stuart still has doubts about your right to work, we can deny you access to the platform or terminate your account until you can appropriately prove your right to work.

How long will you keep the copies of any of the documents you have made?

We will keep these copies for the duration of your use of the platform and for a further two years after you leave. 

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