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🛎️ What does 'checking in' mean?

Checking in means being connected to the Stuart app in your slot area at some point during the first 15 minutes of that slot.

💭 Does this apply to every slot?

No. This does not apply if you have another slot just before, or if there's a break of one hour or less between slots: 

✅ = Check in
❌ = No need to check in

But it does apply if you have a break of more than an hour between slots:

ℹ️ Will MG and CPS be affected?

Minimum Guarantee and CPS will be affected. We will inform you by SMS each time you do not fulfil the criteria. You will receive this SMS the day after your slot.

More about slots

⏱️ How are slots allocated?

Slots are designed so that you have an earnings safety net as they allow you to be eligible for a Minimum Guarantee for each slot you validate. 

They are also a way of making sure there are enough couriers in certain areas at certain times. We make calculations based on expected client demand and busy rates, then we release slots each week to try to match demand. 

💁🏽‍♂️ Top tips for delivering on-slot

  1. Choose slots in areas that are realistic for you to get to based on work commitments or your home location

  2. Plan in advance how long it will take you to get to your slot area 

  3. Go ‘offline’ for the time you are travelling to the area to avoid receiving invitations that will take you in the wrong direction

  4. Make sure you are in your slot area during the first 15 minutes so the check-in criteria is fulfilled! 

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