What is a multi-drop delivery?

Clients may ask you to do a multi-drop delivery, where you pick up multiple packages from one pick-up and deliver to multiple different drop-off locations. You can opt-in to automatically receive more packages here!

You can accept these provided your vehicle has sufficient capacity. You can earn more money, it's environmentally friendly, and it's more cost effective for clients. 

Things to check if you get a multi-drop delivery:

✅ Double check with the client that you have all packages
✅ Check that each order is clearly labelled so you do not risk mixing them up
✅ Make sure you know which package goes to which address!

What if I have an absent customer in a multi-drop?

Example: You pick up 2 packages from a pick-up. You go to the first drop-off location and you are unable to deliver as the customer is absent.

  • You should follow the absent customer process as for every other delivery:

    1. Call the customer 3 times via the app

    2. Reach out to support via the Chatbot if you've waited for 5 minutes and the select absent customer button. The Chatbot will ask you to confirm you have followed all steps.

  • An agent will give you instructions for next steps. They may cancel your current order and you can move on to your final delivery. You will hold on to the undelivered package and may have to return it.

  • You may have to return the undelivered package back to the pick-up at the end of your journey. An agent will help you with this and you will be paid for the distance you have travelled back to pick-up!

Example: Payment for multi-drops 

Example: You are a moped courier and complete a 2.5 mile delivery with 3 drops.

You earn £5.25 for the distance and your transport type. For each additional drop after the first, you earn £1.00 per drop (2 x £1.00) = £7.25 total pay.

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