What is a multi-drop?

Occasionally clients may ask you to do a multi-drop delivery, where you pick up multiple packages from one client and deliver to multiple different locations or end customers.

You can accept these provided your vehicle has sufficient capacity. You can earn more money, it's environmentally friendly, and it's more cost effective for clients. 

How do I know if it's a multi-drop?

Check how many pick-up tasks there are. If there is only one, then it is a single drop-off delivery. If multiple pick-up tasks appear, it's a multi-drop. 

Things to check if you get a multi-drop delivery:

✅ Double check with the client that it is a multi-drop (i.e. multiple drop-off addresses)
✅ Check that each order is clearly labelled so you do not risk mixing them up
✅ Make sure you know which package goes to which address

Payment for multi-drops 

As with other deliveries, payment is still dependent on the distance you traveled from the pick-up to the drop-offs. Each additional drop is paid at the net rate of £1.50 per drop. This means that if you are dropping off at a total of 3 different locations, you will be paid the normal price for your job plus £1.50 each for the extra 2 drops = (2 x £1.50) = £3.

How will a multi-drop job look in the app? 

When you are approaching a pickup with multiple packages, a red circle with the number of packages will appear:

Swipe up for further information regarding each delivery and package:

Press "Yes" to confirm once you have successfully picked up all the packages:

Swipe up and left to see drop-off instructions for each package: 

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