What is a multi-drop delivery?

Occasionally clients may ask you to do a multi-drop delivery, where you pick up multiple packages from one pick-up and deliver to multiple different drop-off locations.

You can accept these provided your vehicle has sufficient capacity. You can earn more money, it's environmentally friendly, and it's more cost effective for clients. 

How do I know if it's a multi-drop?

Check how many pick-up tasks there are. If there is only one, then it is a single drop-off delivery. If multiple pick-up tasks appear, it's a multi-drop. 

Multi-drop notifications

You will receive a notification if another package is added to your itinerary before you reach the pick-up point.

You will also see multiple pick-up tasks. Once you have all packages, tick the bubble for each package and then select 'tasks completed' before continuing to the first drop-off:

Things to check if you get a multi-drop delivery:

✅ Double check with the client that it is a multi-drop (i.e. multiple drop-off addresses)
✅ Check that each order is clearly labelled so you do not risk mixing them up
✅ Make sure you know which package goes to which address

Payment for multi-drops 

As with other deliveries, payment is still dependent on the distance you traveled from the pick-up to the drop-offs. Each additional drop after the first is paid at the net rate of £1.50 per drop. This means that if you are dropping off at a total of 3 different locations, you will be paid the normal price for your job plus £1.50 each for the extra 2 drops = (2 x £1.50) = £3.

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