An offer for Stuart riders: two free six-hour rental sessions! 

Rent a fully maintained and insured electric scooter for your deliveries, available starting from a 3-hour rental period. 

Rent when you need to work, not when you don’t. 

Elmovo specializes in providing ultra-flexible moped rental for delivery riders. They have a keyless, app-based booking system which makes renting simple!

  • 3 locations – Battersea, Marylebone and Bethnal Green
  • £30 deposit
  • No fuel costs
  • Includes delivery box and helmet
  • Ultra-flexible

How does it work?

Elmovo mopeds are keyless and managed by an app-based booking system which makes renting simple!

How do I redeem? 

  • To redeem the offer of two free six-hour sessions, visit the Elmovo website to download the app and sign up
  • Quote your Staffomatic ID at onboarding so they can verify you are a Stuart rider
  • Get riding! 


If you've done a trial and are happy with the mopeds, you can rent at the following Stuart prices: 

  • Hourly rates: £7 for 3 hours, £11 for 6 hours
  • Daily rate: £22
  • Weekly rate: £79 

Including Hire and Reward insurance and a helmet if required.

If you have any questions give Elmovo a call on 07480 802636.

507-513 Cambridge Heath Road, London E2 9BU

Terms & Conditions

VAT Reg: 303 0800 65 ⋅ Company No: 11492459

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