The last thing you should be worried about during COVID-19 is your CPS. 

So until further notice and as of Friday 13th March 2020, if you do not manage to cancel or swap your slot, "no showing" will not affect your CPS. 

Please keep the same process as usual if you are not going to attend your slot: cancelling it if more than 24 hours before the slot, or trying to swap it if less. Of course as CPS is validated, this means that you will not be penalised for this if you have not managed to swap successfully, but would allow another Stuwie to book a slot if they wish to do so.


We want you to be able to cancel a delivery after accepting if you do not feel comfortable doing it. If you do not want to complete a delivery due to:  

  • The drop-off address
  • The information in the delivery notes
  • It is a cash order

You will be able to cancel:

  • By using the self-cancellation button while working off-slot.
  • By contacting Customer Support while working on-slot. Cancellations for the reasons listed above will not affect your CPS or MG.

Reminders on new pick-up and drop-off processes for COVID-19 can also be found here

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