Slots are published every Friday at 10am, 10.30am and 11am. For your city's timings, follow this link.

Priority slots are released as usual on Thursdays.

"No showing” (not showing up to your slot) does impact your CPS.

Please do not book slots if you feel unsafe working. If you have already booked slots for the week, and then decide you would not like to work, please cancel or swap the slot. We know the situation is still very unusual to say the least, but cancelling and swapping your slot is still possible.

We want you to be able to cancel a delivery after accepting if you do not feel comfortable doing it. If you do not want to complete a delivery due to:  

  • The drop-off address
  • The information in the delivery notes
  • It is a cash order

You will be able to cancel:

  • By using the self-cancellation button while working off-slot.
  • By contacting Customer Support while working on-slot. Cancellations for the reasons listed above will not affect your CPS or MG.

Reminders on new pick-up and drop-off processes for COVID-19 can also be found here

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