⏰ When are slots published?

Slots are published on Staffomatic every Friday at 9:30am for the following week (Monday - Sunday).

How to start and finish your slot?

✅Inform the client store manager that you have arrived
✅Turn your auto-accept on to receive automatically new orders
✅Earnings seen in-app are not relevant. SFS payment details can be found here

Cancelling and Trading slots:

If your slot begins in more than 24 hours, you can cancel it yourself in Staffomatic.
Click on the red cross to automatically un-assign you from the slot.

If your slot begins in less than 24 hours, you can trade it with another SFS Stuwie. The trading window closes 4 hours before slot start.

✅ Slot reminders:

Within 24 hours to slot start, you will receive a notification reminding of your slot details. If you cannot make this slot, please follow the guidelines for trading.

The consequences of a no-show is a quality strike offence while working on our SFS fleet and can result in termination of your partnership with Stuart as an SFS Stuwie. Read more about the SFS Slot Validation Rules and SFS Strikes here.

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