When are slots published?

Slots are published on Staffomatic every Friday at 9:30am for the following week (Monday - Sunday).

How to start and finish your slot?

✅Inform the client store manager that you have arrived
✅Turn your auto-accept on to receive automatically new orders
✅Earnings seen in-app are not relevant. SFS payment details can be found here

Cancelling slots:

If your slot begins in more than 24 hours, you can cancel it yourself in Staffomatic.
Click on the red cross to automatically un-assign you from the slot.

Confirming slot attendance:

You will receive a notification at 8pm night before your registered slot, asking you to confirm you will attend that slot. For example, if your slot is 6-9pm on Friday, you will receive the notification at 8pm on Thursday.

Slot Validation Checklist:

Arrive at the pick-up on-time! This means for a 6-9pm slot, arriving for 6pm and informing the Client Store Manager that you have arrived.

Don’t no-show! You will receive a reminder notification at 8pm the night before your slot. As of 15 minutes into your slot time, you will be considered a no-show and your slot will be replaced and invalidated. Repeatedly no showing could lead us to reviewing your access to the SFS fleet.

Stay connected for the entirety of your slot window. For example, for a 6-9pm slot, you should be connected to accept deliveries up until 9pm. You can be offline for 10% of your slot or 6 minutes per hour for a three hour slot. Offline time should not take place during the last 30 minutes. Bathroom breaks are always permitted.

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