Welcome! 🎊

We're so excited to welcome you to the Stuart Courier Partner Community and our SFS fleet! Here is a summary of everything you need to know before you hit the streets!

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Payment 💰

For an overview of payment structure, click here. You will receive your payment statement every Tuesday, (after 3 PM) along with your payment (after 6 PM).

Any questions? Just hit 'Reply' to your payment email and we will be in touch💸

Staffomatic 📅

Set up your Staffomatic account via the email invitation you have received. You can log into Staffomatic via the Stuart app in the drop down menu. Be sure to use the 'shorthanded shifts' filter option to clearly see all available slots.

Find out how to link your Staffomatic slots to your calendar here.

Slots go live on Friday at 9:30am for the following week ⏰ (Monday-Sunday). Important information on confirming your slot, cancelling and trading can be found here. 

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