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Why Challenge 25?

To ensure age-restricted items are delivered safely, and within the law, couriers working with the Stuart platform have to abide by the Challenge 25 policy.

What do I have to do?

  • At pick-up, check the label or receipt to confirm the package contains an age-restricted item.
  • Do not open the package yourself or ask the client to do so.
  • If you're still unsure, ask the client to confirm if the package contains an age-restricted item.
  • At drop-off, ask the customer to show a valid form of ID and record the date of birth in the app.
  • At drop-off, also ensure that the customer is not intoxicated. If they appear to be intoxicated, please contact Customer Support immediately by following the instructions in the app.

Signs of psychoactive substance abuse and/or someone being drunk include:

➡️ Traces or smell of solvents on the customer's clothes or breath

➡️ A drowsy, vacant, or glazed expression

➡️ Unsteadiness

➡️ Slurred speech or other signs similar to drunkenness

➡️ Red eyes

➡️ Uncontrolled or excessive giggling

➡️ Rowdy or silly behaviour


What do you have to do?

Customer appears to be 18-25 and can NOT provide an ID

You must check their ID and record the DOB within the Stuart app.

If a customer cannot produce a valid ID, you must not complete the delivery. Contact support for next steps.

Customer appears to be 18-25 and CAN provide the ID

Check to make sure the ID is both valid and acceptable (scroll below to see acceptable IDs).

The picture must match the person in front of you and ID must show the customer is old enough to receive the delivery.

Once confirmed, you can complete the delivery by recording the DOB in the Stuart app.

Customer appears to be over the age of 25

Simply ask for the DOB and record it in the Stuart app.

However, if you suspect they have purchased the items for somebody under the legal age, you MUST NOT complete the delivery. This is called a proxy sale and it is illegal.

If the delivery needs a signature

As all deliveries are currently contact-free, do not ask the customer to sign. If a signature is required, sign it yourself with an “X”.

Acceptable forms of ID

ID type

ID example


European Union photocard driving licence

United Kingdom photocard driving licence

Photographic identity card bearing the national Proof of Age Standards Scheme (PASS) hologram

National identity card issued by a European Union member state (other than United Kingdom), Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein or Switzerland

Serving member of the HM Armed Forces ID card (Royal Navy, British Army and Royal Air Force)

What are age-restricted items?

🍸 Alcohol

🚬 Tobacco & vape products

🎆 Fireworks

🗡️ Offensive weapons (includes knives, knife blades, open edged razor blades, axes)

💦 Solvents 

📀 18+ video games and DVDs 

🎫 Lottery tickets and scratch cards

🥤 Energy drinks (age-restriction of 16)

What happens if I don't follow Challenge 25?

It is against the law to sell an age-restricted item to anyone under the legal age. Doing so risks prosecution and a fine starting at £90 for yourself, plus a £20,000 fine for the client.

You cannot deliver the order if the end customer is not of the legal age. Contact Customer Support if you are unable to verify their age.


✅ At pick up, check the receipt or confirm with the client if the package contains age-restricted items.

✅ Always ask for ID!

✅ Only accept ID that is valid and acceptable (passports, driving licenses, or official photo ID).

❌ Do not deliver age-restricted items to a customer who is under 18, intoxicated, or under the influence of drugs.

You must complete these steps accurately using the ID provided by the customer. We may carry out checks from time to time to ensure that you are following these steps correctly.

Finally, make sure you have watched the video below.

Password = Stuart_C25!

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