A note on gloves from the WHO:

Refund process

We will be reimbursing any protective equipment bought by you for up to £30 per 30 day period. Fill in this form to request a refund. The refund amount will be added to your next payment, and will appear under “MISC” in your statement. Criteria apply:

To be eligible, you must have done at least 20 deliveries in the 30 days preceding your refund request. We feel this makes the scheme fairer as it prioritises those who are working regularly and rely more heavily on Stuart for their income. We reserve the right to review this scheme at any time given the unprecedented nature of the current situation.

Please try to submit all your receipts for the month at the same time. If they are store receipts, take a single picture of them all and clearly indicate which items are eligible

You cannot resubmit a receipt that you have already been reimbursed for. Any proven fraud may result in a termination of partnership.

Items can include:

  • Hand sanitiser
  • Disinfectant/antibacterial wipes
  • Disinfectant/antibacterial spray
  • Disposable gloves
  • Face mask

Receipts will only be accepted if they meet the following requirements:

  • Receipt must be your own 
  • Receipt must be readable (clear image, not blurry or smudged etc) 
  • Receipt must clearly indicate price on proof of purchase
  • Receipt date must be within the month before the request was made 
  • Receipt must be a valid shop or internet receipt (indicating verified merchant e.g. Amazon)
  • Receipt must show buyer’s name or email (if online purchase e.g. Amazon, eBay) 
  • Receipt must clearly state details of the items purchased (e.g. hand sanitiser)
  • Receipt must not be resubmitted 
  • Receipt must clearly show which items are eligible for a refund if multiple items were purchased, see example below: 

If you are buying multiple items please highlight the ones that are eligible. 

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